Carlton Fisk Countdown: #5

Here we are. The top 5 cards. It seems like I have been doing this for months. Wait, I have been doing this for months. Today’s card is the 1974 Topps card of Carlton. It shows him getting ready to defend the plate. In a previous post I explained how he was hurt in 1974 blocking the plate. In his early days Carlton had some collisions at home plate that exemplify the Red Sox – Yankee rivalry. In 1973 Thurman Munson bowled over Fisk at the plate on a suicide squeeze play, and a bench clearing brawl broke out. Carlton slammed Thurman into the ground to start the affair. Both men were ejected from the game. Gene Michael (A former Cub manager) sucker punched Fisk, but was not ejected from the game. Fisk and Munson went toe to toe, and they hated each other from that day until the day that Munson died. Three years later Lou Pinella (the current Cubs manager) bowled over Carlton. Fisk hung on to the ball and Pinella was called out. Pudge had just come back from a couple of series injuries so he took exception to the move by Lou. He swung at Lou with the ball still in his hand. Another bench clearing brawl broke out. Bill Lee the Red Sox pitcher separated his shoulder in the incident. The Yankees – Red Sox rivalry turned ugly for the rest of the seventies. It seems that past and present Cub managers had a hand in these affairs. I wonder if Jim Frey ever had a run in with Carlton?


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