Carlton Fisk Countdown: #6

This card is great. It was great back when it came out, and it is great today. This is the 1990 Upper Deck special card with the label “ground breaking” at the bottom. At the time I always assumed that Carlton was showing Robin Ventura some features of the new ballpark. They were in their uniforms from the Turn Back the Clock game that was played in the old stadium. Knowing what I know now I think Carlton was really showing Robin where his statue was going to be in the outfield. I think that he was saying “In fifteen years they will have a likeness of me out there.” Either that or he is showing Robin where to run if Nolan Ryan ever came back to town. I guess one more possibility was that they were trying to find out where the shots were coming from. I would guess the first, but it could have been any of the three.


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