Baseball Legends: Bobby Doerr

Bobby Doerr was a great second basemen that quit playing at the age of 33 because of a bad back. I always knew who Bobby was, but never really knew that much about him until I read the book ‘The Teammates’ by David Halberstam. It told the story about the friendship between Doerr, Ted Williams, Dom Dimaggio, and Johnny Pesky. I loved the story and the players so much that I also read the book ‘Summer of ’49’ also by Halberstam. My look at that book can be found here. Doerr was a great player that does not get his due because of his short career. The Veteran’s Committee righted a wrong in 1986 when they put Bobby in the Hall of Fame.
As always check out Baseball Legends, and please sign up to at least vote in the upcoming election. The sign up process does not take that long, and you will be able to help some of the other players like Doerr that have not gotten their due.


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