Fukudome is not a Dirty Phrase

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get to go to Wrigley Field and watch the Cubs and the Mets play from the bleachers. Not many Sox fans would say that they were lucky to go to Wrigley, but I am not like that. I realize how lucky I have it. I was talking to some fans at the Blue – Gold game on Saturday who came to the area to watch Notre Dame and the Cubs all in the same week. They kept saying how lucky we are to have these two stadiums so close to each other. This was my first time in the bleachers since they were redone. I only make it to a couple Cubs games a year, but I do enjoy going to Wrigley. I am a baseball fan, and Wrigley is a great place to see a ball game.
The actual game was very good until the bottom of the eighth when the Cubs scored five runs to put the game away. Late addition Ronny Cedeno came up with a huge two out hit, and Felix Pie hit a three run home run to put the game away for the Cubs. I really wanted to see Wood come in with the game on the line, but he was already warm so they let him pitch anyway. He set all three batters that he faced down. One letdown was the fact that Notre Dame alum Aaron Heilman had such a bad outing. He did not give up an earned run because of an error, but he did give up four runs in his 2/3 of an inning. I was fairly impressed with Fukudome. He really seemed like the real deal. During the game I kept wondering aloud how many pitches does he see every at bat? My friend Rob said that he is leading the league in that category, and it is no wonder. He really makes the most out of every plate appearance he gets. The one thing that I have against him is the fact that fans exist in the bleachers outside of the ones directly behind him. He kept throwing the baseballs to the same fans all game.
This was the tenth time that I have seen Zambrano pitch. I saw him relieve Kerry Wood in 2002 for my first time. It was kind of neat yesterday to see Kerry come in after Carlos had pitched. I guess things have kind of come full circle. It is not as cool to watch Carlos pitch since he has started to behave. I miss crazy Carlos that would yell into his mitt and just act like a lunatic on the mound. Maybe the Sox can get to him this year. This was also the first time that I was able to see the Mets in person. I hope that I will see them again this year in Shea since it is the last season there. We will see how that turns out.
Once again I left Wrigley without being able to upset the entire crowd by keeping an opposing teams home run ball. I have always said that I will never throw a ball back. No real fan would. If you just caught a home run ball in a Major League game, then you have to be crazy to give it back. I have even less respect for the people who bring a cheap ball to throw back to make the rest of the crowd think that they threw the home run ball back. My Polish side gives me enough of a stubborn streak that no amount of booing will get the ball on the field. It probably would have the opposite effect. I hope that someday I can put this theory to the test. Hopefully it will be a ball hit by a Sox player.


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