Carlton Fisk Countdown: #9

I think that when I started this countdown everyone knew that this card would be on it. It is of course another card from the back of a Fleer set from the eighties. It may be the most well known of them all. It is the Steve & Carlton card. Or if you prefer the Carlton & Fisk card. I have always liked this card just because of the fun that they had with the names. For some reason they decided to shoot the pair from across the stadium in an awkward pose, but the message still gets across.
Earlier in the countdown I explained how much I like the away uniforms from this time period. Now I would like to explain my position on the home uniforms. Carlton really looks as if he may be going to workout, or is going to bed. That all white uniform really looks bad. It has not aged well over the years either. I guess that it was worth a try.


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