2008 Blue – Gold Game

This was the first Notre Dame game in a year that I attended that I knew that they would win. The offense took the game 47-46 thanks to some late heroics. These spring games are very hard to gauge. Who played well? Robert Hughes looked great. He carried the ball 22 times for 100 yards. He was taken down a couple of times by some weak arm tackles, but he looked good overall. He took home the offensive MVP of the game. He is only a sophomore, and that was the theme of the day for the Irish. Of course everyone knows Jimmy Clausen the sophomore quarterback for the team. He looked okay on the day. He threw one pass to the flat that was intercepted by sophomore Harrison Smith and returned for a touchdown. The play started a brawl right down in front of where I was sitting. I don’t know yet how I feel about that brawl. It may have been some tough S.O.B.’s that were showing how much they cared, or it could have been some thugs going at it. I hope for the sake of the program that it was the tough guys just letting emotion get in the way. Either way the game was starting to get boring, and that got the crowd back into. Two other sophomores helped the offense pull of the win at the end of the game yesterday. Golden Tate pulled down a 57 yard pass on fourth down to set up a Duval Kamara touchdown. Both of these receivers are great in their own right. I have seen Tate grab some balls that I thought would not be caught. He is a centerfielder on the baseball team, and you can really see that shine through sometimes. Kamara is a bit taller, and that makes him even more dangerous in the red zone. If Clausen can find the time to throw the ball this year these guys could be set for breakout years. I wanted to see how much the O-line has improved, but like I said before spring football is hard to gauge. They gave Clausen time to throw the ball, but does that mean that they are better, or is the defense that bad? I guess that we will find out in September. Anyway I have really been into baseball this year so far, but it was great to get to see some college football. I love the fact that every April I get a small taste of the upcoming season.


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