Carlton Fisk Countdown: #10

Today we hit the top 10. From here on out there are no relic cards. The newest card in the top ten is from 1991. The rest of these cards have been my favorites for years. Three of them have actually been touched by the man himself. One of them might even raise an eyebrow. Enough about the other cards. Let’s talk about today’s card.
Today’s card is actually a sticker. But it has a hard backing so maybe it is a card? Anyway it is the 1986 Fleer Star Sticker of Carlton. I have always like this card for some reason. You have an action shot of Carlton behind the plate for one. I have always appreciated the better pictures on cards, and I guess that would have been an indication of how deep I would get into photography later in life. Cards like this one are the ones that get me to the stadium with my camera to try and get some great pictures. Some of those pictures end up on this blog. The other reason that I liked the card was the fact that it looked old from day one. It is hard to say why, but from day one I thought the card looked a few years old. I have nothing to back this idea up with, but just my thoughts. I have always liked this sticker/card, and it has a special place in my collection.


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