Baseball Legends: Larry Doby

I have been trying to do a post a day for the Baseball Legends site. I will eventually slow down I guess as the weather gets better. Yesterday I picked Larry Doby to write about. I have to admit that as a child the first time that I heard of Doby was when I picked up the card that is shown to the left. I traded some cards for it and a Jimmy Piersall card from ’57 as well. I loved the cards because they were so old to me at the time. 1957 was ancient history. They were almost thirty years old. Nothing could be that old. Well now I am over thirty, and can understand the pain the cards must have been going through at 30. I went home and showed the cards to my dad. I knew that Piersall had played for the White Sox even though he was listed on the card as a member of the White Sox. My dad told me about the home run that he hit then ran around the bases backwards. I then asked him who the guy was on the card with the Sox uniform on. He told me that it was Doby, and that he was important because he was the second black baseball player in the Major Leagues. He was the first in the American League. This was news to me. Black players were not allowed to play in the Major Leagues? All my life I had watched colored players play baseball. Heck one of the best White Sox players was black. my dad explained that they were not allowed to play, and that men like Doby and Robinson paved the way for men like Baines. That is how I will always think of it. Every year we rightly celebrate the accomplishments of Jackie Robinson. We should also every now and then talk about some of the others who helped pave the way like Doby.

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