Carlton Fisk Countdown: #13

Card #72 in this countdown may have been the card that got this thing rolling, but without this card I would never have bought that other card. Back in February I stopped into a card shop in Lafayette and found this card of Carlton. The story on the card can be found here. I apparently found the event enough of a big deal that I posted a story about it. I never thought that it would spawn this series. It has been fun though going through my Fisk cards and remembering why they mean so much to me. After today I only have 12 more to go. Maybe after this I can start a countdown of the 27 cards that did not make the list. Then again I don’t think that I can do that to myself.
This card is numbered 069/155 so it is another fairly rare card. There are many variations of this card. I only have this one so far so I have some work to do.


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