Baseball Legends: Tom Seaver

Today my article on ‘Tom Terrific’ is up on Baseball Legends. I picked Tom because he was a great pitcher, and also because he was part of the White Sox at one point in his career. He was with the Sox in 1985 when he beat the Yankees for his 300th win. I will never forget Fisk coming up and grabbing him after he did it. The Sox picked him up in 1984 when he was left unprotected by the Mets. He then pitched the next two and a half season on the south side. Midway through the 1986 season Tom was traded to the Red Sox in exchange for ‘Psycho’ Steve Lyons. Seaver never really wanted to come to Chicago, and by 1986 he was trying to get traded to the East coast. He was almost traded back to the Mets, but the manager at the time vetoed the idea. Instead he was traded to the Red Sox who faced the Mets that year in the World Series. He hurt his knee so he never saw any action in the fall classic that year. He was a great pitcher that really exemplifies what a big league pitcher should be.


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