Carlton Fisk Countdown: #15

Yet another relic card makes the list. Today is another Upper Deck card. It was from the America’s Pastime set. It is numbered 44/75. This card is on here for a couple of reasons. The first of course is the jersey. It is always cool to have another jersey card. The second is the design. The set is named America’s Pastime, and the design reflects that. It is very patriotic. This is the only card that I have seen from the set, but I hope the rest of them look this good. I like the fact that they advertise the fact that they have stumbled upon a piece of game used memorabilia from Carlton. Honestly the man played in thousands of games. He set records for games played by a catcher. Some items should be available from that time. Hell he played in four decades. I also love how they have a swatch from a black jersey from the 90’s under a picture of Carlton from the 80’s. At least they have the swatch from the same team as Carlton is shown on the card.

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