Baseball Legends: Juan Marichal

An article that I wrote for Baseball Legends on Juan Marichal was posted on the site today. Other players updated today were Stan Musial, Jackie Robinson, and Johnny Bench. Be sure to check the site out, and sign up. You don’t have to contribute, but you can be part of the voting process. If you have a player that you feel has not been given his due sign up. You will have a chance to help in some small way to get him some recognition.
I chose Juan as one of the first guys that I wrote about because he played baseball here in the area. He was part of the short run that the Michigan City Whitecaps had. I have promised some articles on that team, and as soon as the Fisk Countdown is over you can expect to see them start popping up.
I have really been laying the posts down lately. With this post I have exceeded last year’s post count. That was already double the 2006 post count. The two countdowns really helped, but this site has started to change a little. I used to just post about events that I attended. Now I have slowly started to just start jabbering about anything that I feel like. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.


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