Carlton Fisk Countdown: #16

Today’s card is famous. It was featured in Beckett magazine back in 1990. For some reason this is another card that was hard to get in my area. This card was the first of the Leaf brand, and was very hard to get around here. I now have a few of them, but that first one took a while. I actually had to go to a card show in South Bend to get my hands on the first one. I probably paid too much for it, but I had it. The card was a very simple design, but the pictures for the most part were better than most of the brands out there. Because of the apparent Northwest Indiana boycott I do not have very many cards from this set. I would bet that besides the Fisk cards I would not be able to fill a 9 slot page with the cards that I have from this set. For the reason of apparent rarity this card makes the countdown. It may be the card that was printed more than any other, but I have seen very few of them. So here is it for your viewing pleasure.


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