The Dream is Over

The Notre Dame dream season ended tonight when Boston College beat them 4-1 in Denver. I am really disappointed, but if you had told me that I would be covering the Frozen Four on this blog at the beginning of the year I would have said that you were crazy. I like hockey. I love to go to games, but I have never had any teams that I cared about in the finals to even watch them. I watch one college team, and they defied the odds this year by getting to the title game. It figures that the year that makes history for the Irish program is also the first year that I did not attend a game. I was in Lafayette so much that it never really worked out. I may have to try and get in to a couple of games next season. I at least want to see the new banner. A season like this will do wonders to the new arena that is being planned for the Irish.
It is sad to say, but the turning point of this national title game was a call made by an official. With fifteen minutes left in the third period Notre Dame appeared to score a goal to pull within one. As the celebration began the referee announced that the call would be reviewed in the booth. As the play was being reviewed the announcers described how the burden of proof was hard to overturn in this case. The skate clearly had to be moving towards the goal for the goal to be waived off. The skate is clearly moving backwards. It looked like the Irish player wanted to kick the puck in, but he just whiffed on it. Apparently the replay judge read his mind because he overturned the goal. Later it was explained that the replay judged saw the skate moving forward. I hope he has a nice flight back to Boston. I normally don’t like to say that my team was screwed by the officials. So many other plays go into winning or losing a game. This horrible call completely changed the momentum. In the eternity that it took to make the call any momentum the Irish would have had would have been killed. Then the terrible call deflated the team. 35 seconds later the Eagles put the puck in the net to make the score 4-1. That is hard to take. The Irish never quit though. They fought hard until the end. The fans will probably always wonder what would have been if the goal had been allowed.


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