Black in Black

Purdue survived the rain, and won both games of a doubleheader today at Lambert Field. They won the first game 12-4 and the second game 4-1. This was the first time that they have won three consecutive Big Ten series since 2001, and the first time that they have won the first three of the season ever. They are now 9-2 in the Big Ten one game behind Michigan. One big reason for today’s wins was Dan Black. He knocked in three on the day, and scored four. I got to the first game a little late, but in time to see him hit a home run to help pile on the runs. Both of these games had to be hard to play. The rain really never stopped. It just varied in intensity. I was only in the stadium a short time. I spent most of my time out in my car on the hill overlooking the stadium. I was warm and dry, and I was able to hear the radio, or roll down my window to hear the action on the field. I think that this is the only level of baseball that will continue in an absolute downpour. For most of the beginning second game it really came down. The Boilermakers broke the game open with three straight doubles in the fourth inning that were a little weather aided. The footing in the outfield was horrible. The players looked a little like cartoon characters spinning their wheels running in the grass. It was not the ideal day for baseball today, but the setup around the field allowed me to watch both games comfortably. When the weather is barely in the forties, and it is pouring even a sports junkie will not stick around too long. It was a comfortable temperature and dry in my car.


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