Frozen Four: Notre Dame v. Michigan

The slipper still fits. Notre Dame defeated Michigan last night to advance to the finals of the NCAA Hockey Tournament. Michigan was the #1 overall seed, and Notre Dame was the last team in the tournament. That makes this even more amazing. Here is how it happened. Notre Dame scored two goals within the first six minutes of the game. A shorthanded goal with less than a minute left in the first period gives the Irish a 3-0 lead at the first intermission. Michigan scores two goals within fifteen seconds at the eleven minute mark of the period. Notre Dame then received a too many men on the ice penalty at the beginning of the third period, and Michigan capitalized to tie the game up. Both teams then traded goals forcing overtime. At just under six minutes left in the extra period freshman Cal Ridderwall scored the game winning goal. It was his second of the game The Irish face a tall task in Boston College who scored early and often against North Dakota. Maybe the slipper can fit for one more game. Notre Dame has beaten two straight football rivals to get to this point. A win over a third one will get them a championship. The game is Saturday night at 6:00 central time on ESPN.

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