Carlton Fisk Countdown: #18

Here is another relic card of Carlton. It is the 2006 Upper Deck jersey card. It is numbered 126/199 so it is fairly rare. Compared to the mass market cards that come out every year it is very rare. This card may be on the countdown because it is so new to me. In a few years the novelty will wear off. For now though I like the fact that they are using the memorabilia worn by Carlton in a White Sox uniform are included on a card with Carlton in a White Sox uniform. If you look closely at a lot of the Fisk Red Sox memorabilia cards they show him in a Boston uniform on the card, but the memorabilia is from the White Sox. I guess that they have to cater to the Red Sox Nation somehow. It is good that they throw us fans who know Carlton for something other than a World Series homer a bone every now and then.


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