2008 Topps White Sox Team Set

For the last couple of years I have bought the White Sox team set at the ballpark when I have gone to my first game. It is a little pricey, but I like it. Some of the cards needed some artwork to make the set. Two of the cards from this years set are shown here. The card to the left is the Cabrera card from the set. I think that this card should get the best artwork award. They have seamlessly made Cabrera a Sox player with the stroke of a brush. Maybe it is a keyboard now. I love the picture, and the artwork has been done really well. Maybe we are finally past the day of the ‘now with the White Sox’ notation with a picture of the player on a different team. The Swisher card from the set shows one reason why research needs to be done before the painting can begin. They show Nick wearing the number 33. Of course that is Javier Vazquez’s number. They also picked a horrible picture of Nick with his back to the camera. Is that the best picture that they could find? The Sox have a new spark plug on the team, and his first card with the Sox is a terrible picture. The Konerko card in the set is also a picture of him batting from behind. I am guessing that these pictures will change before the second series comes out. Here are the players in the set:

Mark Buehrle
Jose Contreras
Orlando Cabrera
Joe Crede
Jermaine Dye
Josh Fields
Bobby Jenks
Paul Konerko
Jerry Owens
A.J. Pierzynski
Carlos Quentin
Nick Swisher
Jim Thome
Javier Vazquez

One noticeable absence is the card of Gavin Floyd that was in Topps Series One. They have also included the card of Jerry Owens that looks like a shot from ‘A League of Their Own.’ For some reason they decided to shoot Jerry from miles away. Maybe he is the Marla Hooch of this team. I like this set because it is numbered differently, and it seems like it is much more rare than the base cards. It is also put out so quickly that a couple of cards like the Swisher and Cabrera must be done up before the players put on the uniforms for the first time. That makes for some interesting cards.


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