New Blog Features

Anyone out there using blogger may be able to use a couple of the new features on here. The first is the ability to post entries in the future. No need to find Doc Brown and rev up the car to 88 mph. On your dashboard you should be able to find the beta version of blogger, and sign in through it. Once you have done that you can go to the post options while you are creating your post, and set it to post whenever you want. This will help me with the Fisk Countdown. I can write the post at night, and it will automatically post the next day when I set it to. I use to have to manually edit the date and time, then wake up and go to edit posts, then hit send. This will make my life easier.
I also found a new feature that you can put on your sidebar that lists the blogs that you frequent. When new content is added it moves the blog to the top of the list and tells you what the name of the new post is. I have added it, and already found a few posts right away because of it. I am trying it out right now. It is located on the right sidebar just under the labels.


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