Baseball Legends

Can you tell that I was rained out today? I have been posting like crazy. The earlier post about Bob Feller was for a new site called Baseball Legends. I have signed on to help the site out by writing a few articles on some baseball greats. I really like what they are doing. They are starting off by rightly considering any player in the Baseball Hall of Fame grandfathered in to the group. Then the members will vote on new members to include. As you can see on the left I already have one player in mind. I love Harold Baines, and I think he was one of the greatest Sox to ever put on a uniform. But if you look at the numbers it seems to me that the fact that Minnie Minoso is not in the hall is a travesty. He has had chances with three different groups to get in with no luck. I really thought that he had a chance when the special commission was formed to include Negro League Players. Of course that committee even missed Buck O’Neil so what did they know? I won’t dwell on Minoso though. I will be here the rest of the night if I do.
If you want to be part of the group here is a link to sign up. You don’t even need to write for them. Just vote for who you think should be included. If we can get enough people on board this could be a special deal.


2 thoughts on “Baseball Legends

  1. It needs to be rectified, but sadly probably never will with the older generation leaving us. The people who saw him play were probably the ones who should have done it.

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