NCAA Men’s Tournament Recap

Two nights ago the college basketball season officially came to a close. The final game between Memphis and Kansas provided the same excitement that we have come to expect this season. Kansas won in overtime after a furious comeback at the end of regulation. Most people pinned Memphis to lose early because of their free throw shooting. They made it to the final game, but the foul line doomed them. They missed four of their last five shots from the charity stripe in regulation, and then allowed a three pointer at the buzzer to send the game into overtime. Kansas eventually rode the momentum to victory. Thank God because I had them winning it all, and I was sick of seeing my picks go by the wayside. Overall I think I did alright on my bracket. On my bracket was at 96.1%. Only 3.9% of the other entries beat mine. To me that is not bad. I wish that I could have seen Notre Dame and Purdue play a little longer in the tourney, but as usual it was exciting. For some reason my interest wanes after the second weekend. Maybe that is because my teams are usually out, and the Cinderellas clocks have all hit midnight. Maybe next season I will have a team to root for deep into the tourney.


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