Carlton Fisk Countdown: #20

Here is the second card of the countdown that made it because of the back. This is the 1990 Upper Deck card of Carlton. The front is a very good picture once again of a determined Carlton. A few cards have made it onto the countdown because of this pose. What separates this card from the others is the picture on the back. It is a simple picture of a man stretching. What made this special to me as a kid was the fact that I could not do the splits. I have never been very flexible, and it amazed me how an aging star could be in better shape than me. Hell, even though he has been out of the game for 15 years (Wow it really has been that long) he is probably still in better shape than me. Carlton was a player who did not need drugs to prolong his career. He worked hard to stay in shape, and at the top of his game. This is what made the sport what it was. Not some guys healing by prescription.


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