Crede!, Crede!, Crede!

Today was a day full of firsts. It was my first ever opening day. It was my first time in the Stadium Club at the park. The one constant for the day was the fact that Joe Crede is clutch. The picture on the left was taken just before his at bat in the seventh. The bases were loaded, and the fans around me were mad because new third base coach Jeff Cox did not send Paul Konerko home the play before. Jeff may be new, but even he knows that Pauly is slow. I turned to the guys with me and told them not to worry. Joe is clutch. I thought he would get a hit. I had no idea he would clear the bases. He took a 1-0 pitch and put it in the Sox bullpen very close to the foul pole. Off the bat you knew it was gone, but fair or foul was the question. About halfway I started yelling out of excitement. The Sox had come from behind again when I was at the park. How can we get rid of someone that constantly comes through for us? Fields may be good, but he is no Joe Crede. Pay the man his money, and lets play some baseball. Joe may not be the best third baseman everyday in the game. I would put him in the category of the best third basemen in the clutch though. He just seems to rise to the occasion. When a coach is bad they start the websites. Maybe I should start up
Now that my Crede rant is over lets talk about the game. Javier Vazquez was behind most of the batters for the first half of his outing today. He only walked one batter, but being behind really seemed to affect him. He was walking a fine line for the first four innings. I kept waiting for things to fall apart. His last three innings were great though. He retired the last 10 batters that he faced. That is the Javy that I want to see from here on out. Scott Linebrink gave up one run in his inning, and Bobby Jenks pitched a scoreless ninth for the win. I had just built up Linebrink to the people I was with, and then he gives up a run. He needed some help to avoid giving up any more. To look at the bright side of his inning it allowed me to see Bobby Jenks.
The Sox bats were going good from the start. Three straight hits to start the bottom of the first netted a run for the Sox. Rookie pitcher Nick Blackburn then listened to his pitching coach and mowed down the next three Sox batters. He pitched five solid innings for the Twins, and did not get flustered in that first inning when he lost the lead with the meat of the Sox order coming up. How do they constantly bring up good pitching? This kid seemed like the veteran getting ahead of the batters when the actual veteran Vazquez was working from behind them. Ozzie thought that his team was not getting any calls so he questioned the home plate umpire during Paul Konerko’s at bat in the third inning. You don’t argue balls and strikes so Guillen was ejected immediately. Ozzie then came storming out of the dugout to get the most of his money. On the way home I heard him say something during his post game press conference about having money set aside to Major League Baseball for times like this. He even said that Nick Swisher thought that it was great that the manager sticks up for his players that he would donate to the fund. Maybe Swisher could also donate to a fund that will help Konerko and Thome at the plate. They both seemed to be confused today. Sure Thome hit the RBI single in the first, but he really seemed to not know what was coming. Maybe it was the pitcher that they had seen for the first time. They wanted to watch pitch after pitch without swinging. Then being behind in the count we saw some bad swings if they swung at all. That was the only real negative that I took away from the game. I have confidence though that both of those guys will work out whatever it is that they are going through.
This Sox team is looking really good to me right now. I really think that they have the pieces to make some noise this year. After the debacle last year though I will still be watching with guarded enthusiasm for a little while. We received magnetic schedules entering the stadium today, and the month of May looks rough. We are on the road for almost the entire first half of the month. If we can get into June still in the hunt I will be all over the bandwagon. Who am I kidding. I had such a great time today that I will be on eBay looking for a deal that will get me back in the stadium as quick as possible. I used to hate this stadium. I never wanted to go because I thought it looked horrible, and I had trouble letting the old stadium go. The last few years though I have seen so much in the stadium that I actually am beginning to love it. They have really changed the stadium for the better. It has now become a place that I look forward to visiting as much as possible. Any donations to help this cause will be appreciated. Today’s game was made possible by Zimco Materials of Westville, Indiana. They have season tickets, and knew someone who was not using their Stadium Club passes. After today I definitely think that they have the best concrete in the area.

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