Carlton Fisk Countdown: #22

Today is Opening Day for the White Sox. Thanks to a gift from a supplier of ours I will be at the game. To commemorate my first Sox game of the year I tried to find a special card. This was a card that I recently acquired. It is a 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection jersey card of Carlton. The card that I have is numbered 60/72. This card is part of the Ultimate Numbers subset. When you think of the number 72 their is only one ballplayer that you think of. Other great players have claimed a number, but other teams have usually had their own player to counter that number. Lou Gehrig was a great player, but #4 for the White Sox will always be Luke Appling’s. Ted Williams made number 9 what it was, but Minnie Minoso will always be remembered by Sox fans. Uniform numbers were originally given to the players by where they were in the lineup. Ruth was the #3 hitter, and Gehrig was the #4 hitter. That has since changed, but I don’t think that anyone will ever make a bigger mark with the #72 than Carlton did. I know for sure that nobody ever will for the White Sox. On a team like the Yankees that retires numbers yearly it seems it is inevitable that they will run out of numbers at some point. Maybe with the media driven hype that surrounds every New York player they can try and manufacture someone better than #72 for the Sox. I think they will have to try very hard though.


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