Massacre in Westville

Today was such a nice day that I decided to ride my bike to the local Purdue extension and watch the doubleheader between the Purdue North Central Panthers and the Indiana University Northwest Red Hawks. I still follow the Purdue – IU rivalry even if the nicknames are the Panthers and the Red Hawks. I watched the first game, and then left shortly into the second game. The Red Hawks only had nine players at the game. When they were in the field the only two people in their dugout were the two coaches. I am almost positive that PNC won the first game 10-0. That is the best that I could do with no announcer and no working scoreboard. From what I heard electrical problems kept the scoreboard out of commission. I know that PNC was very dominant, and with the regular starters sitting the game out. I talked to one of the IUN players, and he said that the program is going through some hard times. He said that the new coach is trying to turn the program around. One highlight for the game was watching the PNC version of Bobby Jenks pitch. ‘Big’ John Lackinger from Illinois was a presence on the mound. He is 6’9″ 270. He even has a similar goatee as the one Bobby is growing now. Overall it was a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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