Silverhawks New Promotion

The Silverhawks are trying out a new promotion this year. They will be giving away the win to the other team. Today they lost 5-4 to the West Michigan Whitecaps. The Silverhawks made three errors on the day. The second baseman made two errors on the day, and one bobble stopped a sure double play from happening. You can’t assume two outs will be made so he luckily escaped his third error of the day. The left fielder lost the ball in the sun for the Silverhawks third error of the game. Despite all of that they still had the game tied up in the sixth inning. They had chances to win or tie in the last three innings but could not capitalize. They scored four runs on five hits. On that aspect they did a good job of making the most out of what they were given. On the other hand they left 13 men on base. The last one was left on second in the ninth after he hit a one out double. Overall though I had a great day at the park. The weather was beautiful for my first full baseball game of the year. I was shocked that only 1,000 people showed up. Maybe they had better things to do. What could be better than watching baseball on a gorgeous spring day?


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