Carlton Fisk Countdown: #24

Here is another Fan Favorites card from Topps. This card has the same design as the 1976 set. It shows a very young Carlton posing in his catchers stance. This card is on here for a couple reasons. The first is the fact that the design mimics the one from my birth year. The regular issue card from 1976 did not make the countdown. In my opinion this one looks better so I threw it in. The second reason it is on here is the fact that I love the picture. As I said earlier it is a very young Carlton (way before 1976 I would guess). That uniform looks great. I almost want to be a Red Sox fan, but that would be way to popular right now. It is amazing how many Red Sox fans there are today. I always watched them with interest because my favorite player started his career there. I even pulled for them in the playoffs. For some reason that all changed in 2004. When Doug Mientkiewicz stepped in first to end the clinching game of the series I had an empty feeling inside. In my opinion it was the wrong Sox celebrating the title. Of course that all changed the following year, but I have looked at them differently since then. Maybe we can continue the trend and win the Series this year. That would be fine with me. See you at the parade!


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