Carlton Fisk Countdown: #27

Card #27 had to be a card of Carlton wearing a Red Sox uniform. I know that #72 did not have him in a White Sox uniform, but it was the card that gave me the idea for this countdown. Just think in less than a month I will be done. What will I write about everyday then? Today’s card is the first game used bat card of the countdown. We have already had a jacket card so why not a bat card. On the card is also a picture of Carlton hitting his game winning home run in 1975. I read a great book a few years ago called ‘the Long Ball’ about the 1975 season. I of course picked it up because it had the picture of Fisk waiving the ball fair on the cover. The book was great because it gave me a lot of insight into that season, and incidentally some things about Fisk that I did not know. If you like Fisk, the Red Sox, the Reds, or just want to relive one of the greatest seasons ever pick up the book. It is a good read. Especially this time of year.

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