Carlton Fisk Countdown: #28

Today’s card is the first Carlton Fisk card that I ever owned. The original is not in good shape, but is a valued part of my collection. My very first baseball card was a Vance Law card from the same year. Someone had just crinkled it up into a ball because they did not like him. I had seen people collect cards, but never thought about doing it. I asked him what I had to do to get cards. He explained that he would trade me the Law card for a french fry. How could I refuse a deal like that? My card collecting days were now in full swing. I started my collection by trying to get all the White Sox cards from the 1984 Topps set. I don’t know where Carlton fell into that mix since he would not become my favorite player until the Sox game in late ’85. I do know that I had all the Sox cards very easily. For some reason the kids at my school liked every team but the Sox. I remember the Cubs (naturally), the Mets, and the Red Sox being the teams that I could count on to get some Sox cards. Whenever they would come up in a pack I would be almost as thrilled as I would be if I had gotten a Sox card. I knew that I could trade them to get my hands on some more cards of my team. Card collecting was not about getting the whole set, it was about getting cards of my team. Things would change in the next couple of years, but I will always miss these innocent days. Steve over at White Sox Cards still collects this way. With all of the cards out there today I think that it is the only way to do it. This card represented the first of many Fisk cards that would come into my possesion.


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