NCAA Tournament Wrap Up Final Four Edition

Wow, what a tourney it has been so far. My bracket above has taken some hits so far this year. I never would have guessed that all four #1 seeds would have made it. I took a guess and said that Memphis would get beat by Texas. I was wrong. That is the only one of the final four teams that I did not guess correctly. Davidson wreaked havoc in my bracket, and almost took out my champion. I have a funny feeling that North Carolina and Memphis will win this weekend ending all hope of a good bracket. Davidson took out the #7, #2, #3, and came within a shot of taking out the #1 in their region. They were the story of the tournament so far. Led by a sophomore you wonder if they will be back. As I said before I don’t think my picks will make it through Saturday. Memphis looked very good, but they play of Kevin Love will determine that half of my bracket. Kansas will face a very tough North Carolina team after narrowly escaping defeat against a #10 seed. It is hard for me at this point to say that they will win. They do have a week to recuperate though so anything is possible. This tourney has been good so far, and with all four #1’s in the finals it can only get better.
After tomorrow the women will have their final four set. I will take a look at how my bracket looks on Thursday.


One thought on “NCAA Tournament Wrap Up Final Four Edition

  1. i can’t wait for saturday! march madness next to the college football championship game is my favourite time of year.

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