My Favorite Games: #1

Today is the start of the Major League season. Unless you count the two games played across the ocean. And unless you count the fact that only one game is played today. So maybe the season starts tomorrow. With that in mind my countdown is set to end today. The game that I have chosen will probably never be knocked off the list. It had everything that you could want. A good pitching matchup. Jose Contreras went up against Curt Schilling. You had eleven runs scored. Forty players took the field. This game had everything that you could want. Maybe that is because it took nineteen innings to complete. Today’s game was played on July 9th, 2006. I really did not want to go to this game. I wanted to attend the fireworks on Lake Michigan back at home so I kept trying to buy tickets to Saturday’s game on eBay. I could not get any so I settled for Sunday’s game. I figured it would be no problem getting back to LaPorte by dark. The fireworks were scheduled to start around 9, and the game started at one. Boy was I wrong.
The game was a fun one to watch. In the top of the first Kevin Youkilis walked and was driven in by David Ortiz. That was pretty much standard the last couple of years. The score stayed the same until the fourth inning. With two outs Mike Lowell homered. Jose then walked a batter, gave up a single, walked another batter, then hit a batter to give up another run. He go David Ortiz to fly out to end the inning. Disaster was averted here. Iguchi led off the next inning by hitting a home run. What can I say Iguchi comes up big in games that I go to. In the sixth Jim Thome singled in Brian Anderson to bring the Sox to within one. Konerko and Dye could not get Iguchi home from third though, and the inning ended. The score stayed the same until the ninth inning. Jonathon Papelbon retired the first two batters. Dye then hit a home run that barely cleared the left field wall to tie up the game. I just sat in the stands shaking my head. I had already seen some great things that year, but this was pretty good. The Red Sox scored two in the eleventh because Bobby Jenks was left in the game too long. By the time Ozzie got him out the damage was done. The Sox responded by getting two in the bottom of the inning, but once again they left men on base. Thins pretty much settled down until the bottom of the 19th inning. Cintron, Mackowiak, and Podsednik all singled. So now the bases were loaded with one out. Who could possibly be the batter at the plate? Tadahito Iguchi. He singled scoring Cintron and ended the longest game I have ever seen. I was able to see over two regulation baseball games. I love extra baseball, but I am not sure that I want to break this record just yet. How fitting that the two teams that I historically love to watch play would play a game like this. I was able to see every player on the Sox roster that day except for three players. I have a feeling that it will be sometime before this game gets knocked off the top of the list. Maybe a World Series game could do it.
Incidentally we did make it to the fireworks, but I was so tired from the day that I just went home after I dropped everyone off.


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