Carlton Fisk Countdown: #30

Today’s card is the Upper Deck Cooperstown Collection card of Carlton. I like this card because it takes a different view of the catcher than most cards do. The catcher spends most of his time on the field behind a mask, but that is rarely shown on cards. I guess that they actually want us to see what the player looks like. This card goes a different way than most. I gives a sweet shot of a young Carlton in the catching position. The picture alone moved this card up in the countdown.
The other great thing about the card is that it commemorates the 2000 Hall of Fame induction of Carlton. From the minute that he retired I said that I would be at his induction. No matter what it took I would go. If he would have been first ballot inductee I would have been in New York to see him. The fact that it happened a year later really made it hard for me. I had just gotten back from Purdue where I had sunk most of my savings into paying for my school. I really did not have the money by the time the induction came around. I watched it live on ESPN Classic (before our cable company took it away), and had to be content with that. I wish that I could have been there, but I could not. I guess part of my making sure I had a front row seat for his statue unveiling was to make up for the fact that I did not make it to New York that day. I still have never been to Cooperstown. That should be taken care of this summer if everything pans out.


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