Carlton Fisk Countdown: #31

Oh look a Carlton Fisk card from the mid 80’s. Who knew that was coming up? This is the regular edition 1985 Fleer card of Carlton. This is another card that made it on the list because of aesthetics, and rarity. Let’s start with the design. It is simple. So simple that every White Sox card from the set looks as if it was a special Sox series. The gray border with the red matting really make the card look cool. I can’t explain why I love mid 80’s Fleer, but I do. This card is by no means rare, but in 1985 it was around here. The local card shops (all of which have since closed) did not carry the packs, and the local grocery stores just had Topps. I think it was a conspiracy around here to make sure that I could not collect the 85 Fleer and Donruss. Since that time I have come across of few of the cards that I couldn’t get back then and I scooped them up. I will promise you that the 1985 Donruss card of Carlton is not on this countdown. That will be the only regular issue card from 1985 that is not included.
I also love that batting practice jersey, but I have probably gone on about that enough already in this countdown. If anyone has any spare jerseys though I will gladly take them.


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