Today I was looking through the site statistics and noticed that someone entered this site through a blog that had a familiar ring to it. The site name was and the name of the blog is Living Vicariously. Slicer28 sounds familiar because it is the handle of one of my good friends. Don’t worry about the Slicer part of the name. That is the nickname of our local high school. He is not a serial killer or anything. Although the way we both like to eat I would say that we are cereal killers. His site is still in its infancy, but I expect great things from it. We are both big time sports fans, but have major differences. He is more the cerebral fan. I am the kind of guy who is still wondering if he spelled cerebral correctly. He is the guy that you don’t want to play in a fantasy league (trust me I know). I am the guy that picks his favorite players for his fantasy teams.
I do have to warn you about this guy though. He is a Twins fan as well as a Vikings fan. This is in direct competition with my White Sox and Packers. We have had some fun at the others expense when our teams have triumphed, or sometimes even more fun when the other guys team fails. It will be fun to see how we see things differently over the next few months. Maybe we will even have a few similarities who knows. I look forward to seeing how his blog grows in the next few months. His first post other than the introduction was about the movie Metro which leads me to the conclusion that he needs to go to bed earlier. I don’t think that they even play that movie when vampires are asleep. It does rule the time frame up against some tough infomercials.
Go Sox! Go Packers!


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