Carlton Fisk Countdown: #32

Today’s card is the 1986 Topps All Star card of Carlton. I have no valid reason why this card is on the countdown. I love the set from that year mostly out of nostalgia. I also love that batting practice outfit. If I could get my hands on one of those jerseys I would wear it until it wore out. The second card on this countdown was the regular issue card from 1986. Card #56 in the countdown was the box bottom card from wax boxes from the same year. I must really have a thing for 1986 Topps. I have so many of these that they are hard to keep count of. Luckily I have Monk like tendencies, and I know exactly how many I have. I have 23 of this one card in my collection. In my Fisk binder (the one for the eighties of course) I have two complete pages filled with this card. I actually found one the other day when I was looking for some other Sox players. It seems like every time I buy a lot of Fisk cards on eBay someone throws at least one of these in. That’s fine with me. Looking through the countdown I see that 14 of the 72 cards come from the 1985-1987 time frame. That tells me that nostalgia is playing a decent role in this countdown. The years around that time frame are also heavily favored. I wonder what time frame tomorrows card will come from?


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