My Favorite Games: #4

Today’s game was played on June 30th, 2000. I had just come back from Purdue and did not have much money to throw around on sporting events. My friend Joe called me up and asked if I wanted to go to Milwaukee with him. his uncle lived up there and had free tickets to the Cubs game that night. We went up to Milwaukee, watched NASCAR truck qualifying at their track, toured the Miller Brewery, and then went to the Cubs game at County Stadium. I had always wanted to go to the stadium before they tore it down, and thanks to construction delays I was able to. I am not happy that a crane killed someone don’t get me wrong, but I am thankful that I was able to see the stadium. It was a great stadium that I will remember fondly. It was old, and I have been to Miller Park which has many more amenities. There is something about the old stadiums that you have to love. It must be the history involved with them. The large beer barrel in center field. The old school scoreboard. The fact it looks so small from the road. And also the Green Bay Packers played in that stadium at one time. What more could you ask for? Anyway on to the game.
The Cubs were down three going in to the eight inning. They got one back on a homer in the eighth, and then scored two in the ninth. What I remember most about those runs were the way that they were scored. For the seventh inning stretch in Milwaukee they play ‘Roll Out the Barrel.” I was singing along with the song, and because of the long day I kept singing it. I was singing it when Reed hit the solo shot in the eighth. I was also singing it when a run was walked in, and then another scored on an error in the ninth. I just knew that my singing caused extra innings. As the game went on I just knew that I would get to sing the song again in the middle of the 14th inning. I was all keyed up to do so and even went dancing up and down the mostly deserted aisle. I am sure someone put me on WGN acting like a fool. I was also singing the song when Sammy Sosa doubled in Girardi and Leiber to win the game in the 15th. A great day at a new stadium, and what at the time was my longest game ever made for a memorable occasion. Until 2006 this game was by far my favorite ever. They next three games come from that year. Only three days left on this countdown. Hard to believe. The season is almost here.


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