Carlton Fisk Countdown: #33

This card is from the year that defined Carlton’s career. This is the 1975 Topps card of Carlton. It is a simple picture taken during spring training, but it just screams old school Topps. I also like the design of the card. The 2005, 2007, and even to an extent the 2008 Topps sets used a similar principle, and maybe that is why I like the cards so much. This is yet another regular issue card of Carlton that proclaims that he was an All Star. Now they have a card for every feat. This was the year that probably did more for his career than any other. In a long career like he had that is saying something. But when you hit a clutch home run in front of the world you tend to put your name out there. I saw him hit many home runs after that, but none will top the one hit before I was even born. I used to have a mini of this card, but somehow over the years it has disappeared. That will have to go on the want list.

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