Women’s NCAA Tournament Round Two

Yesterday I attended what was likely my final two basketball games of the season. Below are the recaps from each game.

#1 Tennessee 78 – #9 Purdue 52 – Purdue was in this game until the opening tip. They just do not have the firepower this year to hang with a team like Tennessee. They needed to have a great game with the Vols having a bad game to win. They also needed some help from the refs. They did not get that either. We had the same bald ref who called Sunday’s game. He must have flunked out of Purdue because he did everything he could to help Tennessee. Candace Parker scored at will when she wasn’t holding her right shoulder. I noticed that when she scored she celebrated with some sort of twirling motion over her head with her right arm. When she missed she held her arm in pain. Pat Summit recorded her 100th win in the tournament as a head coach. Most coaches would like 100 wins overall let alone in the tournament. This Vols team is good, but I think they are also cocky. When someone can get the smug look off of their faces they have a shot at beating them. Notre Dame has the next shot at them in Oklahoma City. The Purdue girls played a hell of a season this year. They had a rough schedule for a team that was not fighting injuries and graduation. They played UConn, Tennessee, Duke, and North Carolina not to mention the Big Ten schedule. I can’t wait until November to see this team at full strength.

#5 Notre Dame 79 – #4 Oklahoma 75 – Notre Dame came out of the gates firing to quickly run up a ten point lead. The score settled at five and stayed there for most of the first half. They gave up the lead in the second half, and forced the game into overtime.. Notre Dame won this game in overtime. The difference maker was Charel Allen. She scored 35 points to lead the Irish to the Sweet 16. Oklahoma scored the first five points of the extra session. Allen hit a three and then made a great pass to Ashley Barlow to tie the game. Allen was 3 for 3 on three pointers and 12-12 from the line for the game. Courtney Paris was tough inside again tonight. She scored 24 points, and grabbed 16 boards. She made life tough for the Irish under the hoop. I watch her block a shot without leaving her feet. She is not fast with her feet, but she has quick hands. That combination leads to smaller guards thinking that they could take advantage of her. They are wrong. I mentioned after Sunday’s game that good guard play could take down the Sooners. I was wrong. One great game by a guard would take down the Sooners. Allen lives to play another game in college.


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