My Favorite Games: #6

This is game that started it all. This was the very first Major League game that I attended on August 25th, 1985. I kept asking myself how this game is not in the top 5. I really tried to get it in there, but just could not. I have five actual games that are much better than this one. The experience of this one though was great. First you have to go back to the first time you walked into a Major League stadium for the first time. It was something else to see your heroes on the field taking batting practice. I really had no favorite player so they were all my heroes. Somehow my dad got us in some tunnel under the stadium where we ran into Rich Dotson. He signed my program, and that was that. I had met a ballplayer at my first game! Then we just sat outside of some room for a few minutes. What happened next would alter my childhood tremendously. My dad told me that one of the players was in a slump, and that he would probably be taking extra batting practice in this room. The door opened, and out came Carlton Fisk. I knew he was the star of the team so I nervously asked him for his autograph. He was walking fast, but after about ten feet he stopped and looked for me and asked me if I wanted it or not. He signed his name in my program on his picture, and went about his business. How many people get to meet their hero at the same time they become their hero? I have since met him one other time, but this one will always stick in my brain.
The actual game was won by the Sox 5-3 over the Toronto Blue Jays. It was an amazing result because the Sox were not that good, and the Blue Jays were a playoff team. I guess they knew that memories were being made that day. Floyd Bannister out dueled Jimmy Key to get the win. George Bell homered for the Jays, and Baines homered for the White Sox. The Baines shot was part of a four run first inning for the Sox. My new idol Carlton Fisk went 0-3 on the day. Not everything was meant to be I guess. That day I did get a sweet new backpack that had the Sox logo on it just for attending the game! As a kid this blew my mind. I was thrilled to be at the game, but they were paying me to be there. I wanted to go all the time. Sadly the backpack was cloth and broke the very first day of school. I guess they needed to up their pay.
On a side note August 25th has been a special day to me ever since this game. It is ironic that this post comes on March 25th. A day that is historically bad luck for me. Hopefully this does not jinx the August date by having them in such close proximity.


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