Dyngus Day With the Clintons

I wanted to post yesterdays games last night, but I got home so late that I just went to bed. When I woke up this morning I realized that it was Dyngus Day. Dyngus Day is the Polish tradition of gluttony after the fasting through lent. What better way to celebrate gluttony then with Bill Clinton? I went to South Bend to the West Side Democratic Club for a Hillary Clinton event. On her behalf she sent her husband and Chelsea to speak on her behalf. I have never met a President before so why not go? I did see Gerald Ford last winter, but that was in his casket at his Presidential Library. I wanted to see a live President. Bill Clinton has always fascinated me anyway. He could look you in the eye and tell you whatever he wanted you to believe and you would believe it. I did not get into the building, but was able to get up close with the President by listening to another politician. Joe Donnelly was going up and down the line asking people what issues mattered to them. When he got to me I said that I wanted to meet the President. He whispered in my ear what I needed to do to make that happen. I went to my car to get my camera, and when I got back I found out that he must have whispered in lots of ears. I was about five deep in a receiving line for the President when I got back. I remained there until he actually started talking to the people. A secret servicemen needed to get in front of me, and said he had to get to the front of the line. A sports junkie knows what this means so I followed my blocker closer to the front. The picture on the right shows where I was when I met the President. It was a quick meeting. He shook my hand and said “Thanks for coming.” That is all that I have from my first meeting with a President. Well that and about 100 pictures from the day. Anyone who knows me knows that I like history, and I also like to think that I follow politics. Today helped satisfy two of my curiosities.
Besides the Clinton’s I was also able to see Joe Kernan, Joe Donnelly, Tim Roemer, and one of Bobby Kennedy’s daughters Kathleen. It was fitting that she was there because it was exactly 40 years prior on Dyngus Day in 1968 that her father was at the West Side Democratic Club. Part of politics is the stump speech, and I was able to hear plenty of them today. As always I had a blast in the midst of the fray. With Indiana meaning so much in the primary I think we will see the candidates in the area before it is all over. I will have to see if I can have as much fun. One part that is scary looking back on it was the secret servicemen. They were cool before he came out laying out the ground rules. What is scary know is looking at the big picture at the top of the post. It looks like one of the bodymen was really staring me down. If I had seen that live I might have had some sauerkraut in my pants. He really looks serious about something. I know I was having a bad hair day, but I didn’t think it was that bad.
The one downside of the event was how the Presidents autographs were handled. Mr. Clinton does not want to sign in the line so he hands them off to an aide. After he has gone through the line he signs them, and they are distributed. I wondered how this would work, and I was told that people had their names on the items. That made sense. What did not make any sense was the young man who spent his morning straightening Hillary signs. He decided to distribute the materials, then he left to allow what was left to blow away in the wind. Some people contained the mess, but that was the least of the problems. The young man came back and instead of trying to read the names on the items he just handed them out to anyone who would take them. This was well after the President left so the crowd was sparse. One woman really wanted her Hillary poster that she had signed, but the guy took great pleasure in giving them to anyone but her. When she started crying he told her that it was just paper get over it. He then told her to try again at the Elks Club down the road. I don’t think that this woman will vote for Hillary now. All over a piece of paper. This guy had no common sense. I did not get my sign either, but I grabbed a ticket from him after he announced that they were “First come, first serve.” After a good day, this was a bad way to end it for Hillary. Heck this rant is almost as long as the post telling me what I really took from the day. There was a lot of muttering leaving the grounds. Thats too bad. I think this guy needs to learn something about people.


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