Carlton Fisk Countdown: #35

As if by some miracle today’s card is the 1st issue Upper Deck card of Carlton. What kind of a coincidence is that? Yesterday I talked about the card, and today it appears on the countdown. It is almost like it was planned. Upper Deck starting finding not one but two good pictures to put on the card. They have the one on the front of the card, and one on the back next to the stats. These were also very glossy cards. A pristine card that you did not want to get a fingerprint on. They really turned the market upside down. A future card on the countdown from Upper Deck shows what great shape Carlton was in during his forties. I loved this card, but unfortunately it was probably this card that started the trend that drove me out of the hobby.
A bonus on each card was that it taught kids how to get to first base. If only Upper Deck was with me at the drive in to teach me how to get to third base without getting slapped.


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