Carlton Fisk Countdown: #36

Today is the halfway point of the countdown. I picked the 1980 Topps card of Carlton to mark the occasion. I always liked this simple design. This was the end of an era for Topps. At the start of the next season they would have competition from Donruss and Fleer. Topps was the lone dog in the card world with exclusive contracts, but not anymore. They would have other companies to compete with for market share. Would they change their cards in order to compete? Yes they would. In the middle 1990’s. I don’t think that Topps really cared about the competition. I never really saw where they tried to get better action photographs. They had a few “in action” cards of star players, but they never really went for groundbreaking pictures. That would all change in a few years with the introduction of Upper Deck.


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