NCAA Tournament Day Three Recap

One word can sum up yesterday’s action for me. Busted! My bracket was blown to bits yesterday. I knew that Duke would go down early, but I was hoping it would be Purdue who did it. Purdue would not get that chance as West Virginia knocked them out of the tournament. In the next game in D.C. Purdue lost to Xavier. The Purdue loss would not have been so bad if they hadn’t come back to take the lead near the end. They were down eight or ten when Chris Kramer went the length of the court and laid the ball in. That started a Boilers run that ended with them up one. Just before the run I had resigned myself to defeat. As soon as I had hope though we blew it, and just looked tired at the end. They had a great year though, and I think we will hear more from them in the tournament in years to come. Notre Dame on the other hand was out of the game the entire time. Washington State really took it to them. Out of the eight games played yesterday I only correctly picked three winners. Today I already know that I have two wrong because I have UConn and Clemson in the sweet sixteen. Part of my downfall yesterday was underestimating the west coast teams. I really did not know the teams so I went with my gut on the games. Well my gut did not stay up late to watch Pac Ten games all year either so I missed out. At least UCLA came from behind to win. I have them in the finals, and had they lost my bracket would have really been done. I still lost two elite eight teams yesterday, and I have a bad feeling more will be gone by the end of the day.
I will not be able to watch the games though because today I will be in West Lafayette to watch the first round of the Women’s Tourney. I will get to see Purdue, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Oral Roberts, Utah, SMU, and Illinois State play. It is going to be a long day. During the break in the games I see that the baseball team has a doubleheader today. Maybe I can add to the madness and spend the break at the stadium.

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