My Favorite Games: #8

This game was played on June 25th, 2006. It was a matchup of the previous years World Series that was telecast on ESPN for Sunday Night Baseball. It was supposed to be a 1:05 start, but that changed to 7:00 for TV. I was not able to go to any World Series games so for me this was it. Roy Oswalt was matched up against Javier Vazquez. Javier gave up nine earned runs in just six innings pitched. The game was pretty much over when the top of the eighth inning started. The Sox were down 9-2. I was already packing my things to beat the rush. That is when Tadahito Iguchi stepped up to the plate and hit a three run homer off of Russ Springer to pull the sox to within four. That is all that we could muster in the inning so we went to the ninth. In the ninth we loaded the bases. Who could it be up at the plate. Tadahito Iguchi. I have said it a couple of times in this countdown, but they should have paid me to attend games. Iguchi was unstoppable when I was in the stadium. Iguchi turned around a Brad Lidge pitch for a grand slam to left center. The stadium went absolutely crazy. I have never seen it so wild. That is why this game gets a spot in the top ten. The Sox went on to lose the game in the 13th, but those two innings were part of the never say die attitude that we had that whole year. If things looked bleak I would just load up my stuff, and in the process we came back. A couple more instances of this will come up later in the countdown. By the way what was supposed to be an afternoon game ended later than heck at night making me very tired at work on Monday. It was okay though. I had a great story to tell.


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