NCAA Tournament Day Two Recap

Yesterday I did not have as good of a day as I would have liked. I missed 7 out of the 16 games. Part of that involves the four big upsets in the bracket. Two #12 and two #13 seeds won yesterday. How many people saw that coming? Because of those upsets either a #12 or a #13 seed will be in the sweet sixteen in two different regions. Other than those two I have 14 of my sweet sixteen picks intact. That could all change today. Duke looks like they could go down at any point. Indiana also lost last night. They were a tough team to decide on in the bracket. Would they play like they are capable of or fold up? Well they folded last night. Eric Gordon only scored eight points on a horrible shooting night on what will probably be his last college game. Purdue has Xavier today, and Notre Dame has Washington State. Both can win their games. It is the tournament though, and as yesterday proved anything can happen.


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