My Favorite Games: #9

This is a game that was mentioned earlier in the countdown. In 2003 I saw both the first and the last games in a home series against the Red Sox. I already had tickets to the Thursday game, but this game on Monday was a surprise. My brother’s girlfriend got tickets to the game, and I was able to go. This game was a great contest. Two teams that I enjoy watching going head to head. Pedro Martinez had just come off the DL and took the mound for the Red Sox. Mark Buehrle was on the mound for the Sox. Pedro looked good, but could only go five innings. His replacement Ryan Rupe gave up a three run homer to Joe Crede that ended up being the game winner. Buerhle pitched eight innings only giving up one earned run. That was on a Manny Ramirez 2 out home run. Besides the Crede jack the Sox offense was held pretty much in check. His heroics helped the Sox to a 4-2 victory. Flash Gordon came in to save the game for the White Sox.


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