My Favorite Games: #12

I have had computer problems on my PC that would not allow me to get some pictures that I needed so the last few of these games have not been put up. So today you get three games in a row. The first game took place on September 2, 2005. It was a Friday night game between the Sox and the Tigers. The thing that makes this game so great was that I was able to walk on the field during the pregame. All I had to do was wear a mullet. The pictures below show a couple of scenes from the event. The first was the “mullet hill” as we described it. We had to wait here by gate one until just before the game. Once they rounded us all up we were given t-shirts, and led to the centerfield gate. White Sox PA announcer Gene Honda then gave us our introduction. We were able to walk around the entire field. I went into the outfield grass, but was quickly shooed back to the warning track. I stopped and posed next to the photo on the wall of my favorite player Carlton Fisk as we went by it. Once we hit the third base line people started yelling at us. For some reason I started giving high fives. By the time we came around to the end of the first base side people were lining up to hit our hands. It was a pretty good time. They had to force me to leave through the gate. I did not want to leave the field. So if you ever want to get on the field by a cheap mullet and look for mullet night on the promotional calender.
As far as the game goes it was a great one to watch. The Sox beat the Tigers 9-1. Uribe, Everett, and Harris all hit home runs. I also was able to see Bobby Jenks pitch for the first time. Big Bobby did not dissapoint. He pitched a perfect inning striking out one.


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