My Favorite Games: #11

“The Brawl.” That is how this game will always be known. Today’s featured game was played on May 20th, 2006 between the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs. I found one ticket on eBay that had me in the upper deck right behind home plate. That turned out to be a great seat. Below you can see the view from my seats. I took a panoramic with Konerko at the plate. The center picture I snapped just as Pauly hit a ball down the line that would have been a two run double, but it was just foul. That picture is often the banner of this website during the summer. This game of course is more know for things that happened outside of the lines. In the bottom of the second inning Brian Anderson hit a sacrafice fly and A.J. Pierzynski a collision ensued at the plate. Barrett did not have the ball, and A.J. slapped home plate pretty hard with his hand. Apparently the bi-polar Michael Barrett did not like it. He sucker punched A.J. to start a bench clearing brawl. Part of this had to be A.J. who is always in the middle of everything, and the other part had to be the Cubs. They had not won anything in so long that the Sox title from the year before had to be getting to them. Scott Podsednik really got into it during the brawl, and Brian Anderson even chipped in. Unfortunately the brawl went just like the 2006 season for Anderson. He tried real hard, but did not make any contact. Anyway when the smoke cleared it set up Iguchi with the bases loaded. With tensions high he hit a grand slam that brought the Sox fans to their feet. The trash talking really started then. Iguchi yet again had another great game going 3 for 3 with 2 runs scored and 6 RBI’s. Garcia and Thornton did not allow a run. The Sox won 7-0. What more could you ask for. Later in the summer A.J. got the Cubs again, but that is for another post.


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