Carlton Fisk Countdown: #39

Today’s card is the 1985 Record Breaker card of Carlton. It is not the prettiest card of Carlton, but I like it just the same. Carlton caught all 25 innings of a game played on two days. The Sox won the game 7-6 in the 25th innings. This was the second longest game ever played in Major League Baseball history. In the 21st inning the Brewers scored 3 runs, and things looked bleak for the Sox. They came back in the bottom half of the inning to match those three and keep the game going. Harold Baines mercifully ended the game with a home run in the bottom of the 25th. Tom Seaver pitched that last inning and got the win. He started the next game of the partial doubleheader and got the win there too. It was a weird day to watch baseball I bet. Fisk went 3-11 with an RBI and a run scored on the day. Not the best of days, but he is in the record books.


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