Carlton Fisk Countdown: #41

Today’s card is the 1991 Leaf card of Carlton. This card came out right after the Sox switched to the new uniforms. I loved how this card was every bit the new Sox colors. Like the previous years Leaf issue it was also hard to find around here. I think that this had to be one of the first issues to have Carlton in the new uniform. They must have had people taking pictures at the beginning of the season to get the guys on the leaf set in the current uniforms. The early 90’s were a time where everyone wanted to wear a black uniform. If you went around school you would see the Raiders, Kings, Spurs, and any other black uniform being worn. Teams like the Bulls came out with the third jersey that was black to appease the fans. The White Sox went a step further and change their colors altogether. I love this old style uniform, and the Sox have kept it since 1991. They have an alternate black jersey that is worn with the same pants that I really like. Heck it even started the teams slogan “Good guys wear black.”
Edit something has been bothering me about the picture on the card. I can swear that I see the yellow bars of the box seats at old Comiskey in the picture. I knew it was 1991 when the Sox switched unis, but that little bit of doubt had me look it up. They indeed switch uniforms and stadiums at the same time like I thought. Does anyone know if they had a preview or something of the new uniforms the year before? Not a big deal, but something that has been bothering me.

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